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What is included:

Distribution of your CV or résumé to up to 70 of active recruitment agents, placement firms and talent acquisition consultancies.
Writing a custom introduction letter on your behalf designed to get a higher response rate from recruiters.
Receive a detailed distribution report of the agencies that received your profile including contact information of each company.

Three reasons why to use Job Nexus to speed up your job search:


We save you time by identifying the quality recruitment agenies relevant to your industry and city.


We send your profile in a format that makes it easy and accessible for recruiters to review and match to potential job opportunities.


Correspondence from recruiters is sent directly to you so you can pursue opportunities directly.

Send your CV/Résumé to 70 Canada Recruitment Agencies at Once.

Job Nexus makes it easy for you to connect with many recruitment agencies all at once and makes it easy for them to contact you for interviews.