CV Editing Service

Have your CV professionally edited before recruiters see it.

Job Nexus is renowned for its reach with recruiters and employers. Your CV or resume is like your passport to potential employment. It needs to be effective to get you in. Before you send your CV or resume to recruiting agencies and potential employers, invest in your CV. Our team of experienced CV editors – some with backgrounds as recruiters – can help.

In this service, our team will work with you on editing your CV including:

  • Checking formatting of the CV and improving it.
  • Line editing for typos and grammar issues.
  • When necessary, rearranging or reformatting the information.
  • Reducing CV length to optimal recruiter reading size - less than four pages.
  • Sending the revised CV to you for your approval before distributing it to recruiting agencies.
  • Personally approve your cover letter text which is composed after having great familiartity with your CV or resume.

Job Nexus CV Editing Service Starts from only $39 USD.

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