How It Works.

Save time researching and contacting recruitment agencies

Job Nexus helps you connect with recruitment and placement agencies with minimal efforts and in a format which makes it easy for them to target and reach you.

Submit your CV along with a few details about you

Get manually matched with recruiters and headhunters

We deliver your CV and profile to targeted recruitment companies

View to whom your CV was sent, so you can easily follow up

Register once and connect with multiple recruitment agencies

Create your messages to recruiters and view reports from a single platform

Register once and connect with relevant recruitment agencies

We’ve built a tool for that! Our simple to use web application lets you submit important details about your career, manage multiple messages and check to whom your CV was sent, so you can easily follow up if needed

Get your CV delivered to the right recruiter at the right time

Recruitment consultancies are the link between you and employers who are looking to hire professionals, and it's their job to find candidates just like you.

Be visible to recruiting consultants

Save time and maximize your exposure to targeted recruitment agencies and management recruiters by applying once and a reach a legion of headhunters.

Be the first to tap the unadvertised jobs market, reach recruiters before jobs are released and have recruiters contact you rather than searching for them.

Reach only relevant recruiters

We manually match your profile with relevant recruitment agencies based on the information your provide during the signup process.

By taking into consideration your experience, qualification, location and availability, we’re able to sharp target consultants who might be looking for candidates like you, this relevancy helps to increase your chances of being called for an interview, and hopefully hired.

Profile Matching
We start by matching your profile with relevant recruitment agencies based on your qualifications, experience and geographical area.
Profile Summary
We then craft an email summary about you (based on the information provided when signing up) in a way that makes it easy for recruiters to reach and target you.
Email Delivery
We distribute your the message along with your CV to targeted recruitment agencies by email, all replies (if any) goes directly to your inbox.
Finally, a distribution report is published to your account where you would see who received your CV, so you can easily follow up if needed.

Ready to Reach Top Recruitment Agencies?

Have your CV sent to selected recruiters active in your industry and city.