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The EMU Recruitment Agency promotes job position from esteemed companies, talented candidates, skilled workers with expertise in their profession in order to bring plus values, innovation, stable and trustworthy employees to transform their activity into a new way of life. We are committed to behold our prestige as a landmark in the recruitment industry and to bring performance beyond the services offered by our competitors.

Who We Want

We are looking for candidates who are facing difficulties to find the proper job which can fulfill their expectations. At the same time, we can identify for high skilled professional candidates their dream job and we offer also support, guidance and free consultation to help them in their quest. For companies with issues regarding hard to fill positions, we offer full support, assistance, and free consultation to find the best candidates. We have the background, experience and abilities along with the knowledge to resolve them. Our services cover the followings domains: - Hard to fill jobs; - Selection of specialized personnel; - Talent hunting; - Employ teams of skilled workers from Vietnam; - Finding Dream Job; - We handle highly qualified positions. We expect no less from you but just to contact us and present your specific requirements to allow us to find the best way to handle your query. We shall do our best to rise at your level of expectation! Thank you!

What Makes Us Different

Our uniqueness as a provider of recruitment services, throughout the UK, stands on our founding members' background. Their solid knowledge resides from the physics and engineering HR domain of activity. Their connection emerged from a saying by which "any problem has its solution in the problem itself". As it sounds illogical and almost paradoxical this saying became our method assisted by our know-how which we still use giving us the best results.

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