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About Us

ALL ABOUT US Although Brenddies Coffee & Gourmet only been established since 2013, there is lots more you will interested to explore. Coffee drinks and all preparation ways using coffee is our main ideas to focus. However, teamed up by a lovely couple with experience, we believe can provide you more than just coffee information. We do provide the consultation services as below and we believed you can make use of our 10 years of experience: - Food designation, formulating and customization - Food safety, quality and selling ways - ISO 9001:2008, ISO 22000:2005, Halal certification advisory - Chemistry, microbiology, biology, mathematics, geography and history information sharing - Budget travelling, map analysis, behavioral consultation - And furthermore, etc... If you feel like to know us further, just drop us a message and we shall revert to you very soon. All you need is just a simple click and free consultation initially is our pleasure. After that, if you think can make use of our consultation and ideas, we shall can discuss further on how to develop your business or enhance your interest.

Who We Want

▪ Aged 18 years and above; ▪ Basic computing knowledge (typing, Internet, email, etc.); ▪ Able to handle Microsoft Office, Open Office or Apple Works; ▪ No prior experience necessary, any field of industries are welcomed; ▪ Understand market trend and requirements; ▪ Patient and interested with the job scope; ▪ Freelance & Part Time are available; ▪ High enthusiasm, confidence and dedicated personnel is encourage to apply.

What Makes Us Different

All you only need to do is: (1) Post to website according to the given guidelines; (2) Handling email inquiry, consolidates & do weekly report; (3) Enter surveys/questionnaires with guidelines; (4) Promote range of coffee products, post at platform, key in data for every selling; (5) Process postal request (extra earning); (6) Online work through email or social networking and offline to consolidate report; (7) Working from home, cyber cafe, offices, colleges, stations or anywhere you like; (8) Flexible working hour (start or stop, set your own time schedule, no contract)

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