Borderlink, Inc.

About Us

BORDERLINK, INC. was founded in 2000. It began with the desire and under the premise of building a world where children can have positive and inspiring lives. Here we are a decade or so later, with global waves in full motion, pushing full speed ahead. We believe it is important that Japanese people interact with those outside of Japan, surpass borders, co-exist, and co-prosper on a global scale. As we have almost reached this point, we want our children to acquire the power to accept change and live optimistically in a new world. We want to be agents of change that support this transformation. For this to happen, we must continue to adapt and develop. The boards of education, schools, and educators who hold high expectations for Borderlink and choose Borderlink, are agents of change themselves. In order for children to experience a bright future, we do not fear change. Rather, we accept it, and as true agents of change, fully devote ourselves to our work.

Who We Want

We're looking for enthusiastic. flexible and dedicated individuals seeking to help revolutionize English education across Japan as Assistant Language Teachers (ALTs). We hire domestically and from abroad.

What Makes Us Different

As our staff is comprised of former ALTs and teachers, have an understanding of the need and importance of education. But more than this, we understand the lives and needs of teachers living overseas, and every year we're working to improve the lives of our employees and our company as a whole.

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