SCG International Corporation

About Us

Wholly-owned and established by SCG since 1978,SCG International, formerly known as SCG Trading, is a subsidiary of SCG under the Cement-Building Materials business unit. It has full access to the expertise and resources of the leading powerful conglomerate. In addition to the extensive range of products manufactured by SCG, SCG International handles the export and import of numerous quality products from major international companies and local producers. The company also provides value-added services and solutions in order to fulfill customer requirements. SCG International has expanded its operations and scopes to become the most trusted partner for industrial business in Asia.

Who We Want

sales freelancers who live in UAE and have been the expert in UAE's mentioned product markets and we prefer to pay them as commission-based per shipment. We expect that this sales freelance can find and sell our products to the real and high potential UAE's buyers Also, the sales freelancer we would love to work with them, they should be the experienced, expert, excellent interpersonal skills, high responsibilities, systematic thinking and able to keep us informed about the working progress, what they have been done and the next steps.

What Makes Us Different

Besides to explore your sales experiences with Thai customers, the sales freelancer will get the commission-based salary by the sellers

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