About Us

SUPRAA is a fast growing International Education services company dedicated to help students to explore the world of Education. SUPRAA has a repute having presence worldwide with strong base of satisfied customers. We have a very modest beginning in this millennium year "2001" with a Business of consulting services, Education, Training & Development. We have experience of 1 decade into overseas educational consultancy and have done more than 1000 visas for all the Countries. Now we vividly want to diversify business segments ranging from Student Visas, Immigration etc. Choosing the Country you want to study or work is one of the biggest choices you will need help with. SUPRA knows and has experience in the countries and helps to guide properly. For many destination countries, on countries you need to have to balance the distance from home and affordability, with the prospects of long - term career opportunities once you graduate SUPRAA is an Australian initiative with strong Team of Dynamic Talents from India and SUPRAA groups Pty Ltd of Companies established the idea of consulting in across industry segments which assures the best for companies who wants to streamline their business. An Enterprise with core competency to excel success and our focus is to ease our client into a long-term relationship with a business and execution model that aligns with their culture. SUPRAA team is deeply involved in sustaining relationships through the fulfillment of both quantifiable and intangible expectations. We believe in non-stop delivery towards various segments which allows us to behold as a strong partner with students and clients. Now supraa Groups enetering as a job consultant also. We are recruting in india and australia at the moment. As our company growing we want to expand our network in recruting sector in more countries.

Who We Want

I am looking jobs for doctors, nurses, and IT. if you are looking for those people please let me know I will try to organize for for your required sourses.

What Makes Us Different

We got recruiting consultant business in Australia and in India. We are getting many enquiry's for job placements in UK. And more over I heard that UK looking for experienced doctors and nurses to work in UK. NHS is also doing process for nurses and doctors on fast track. I heard that you are one of the leading company in recruitments so I thought to have associate with you.

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