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1IGS MANPOWER | PROCUREMENT | | 1IGS LOGISTICS | 1IGS TRAVEL | 1IGS CLEANING We would like to introduce our company 1IGS GROUP, our president and board members have been in the business of logistics & Supply Chain in Africa/Europe & the US for over 23 Years. The company is engaged in the innovative and value driven services of Manpower, Procurement, Logistics, Travel, Money and SOS Rescue products and services to the Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, Construction, Tourism, Commercial, Consumers etc. Through year of experience, we have acquired advanced skills to provide you with bespoke talented Manpower solutions via a variety of methods. 1IGS Manpower offers an Innovative workforce solution that will help increase your business productivity, improve efficiency and boost the bottom line. We have wide experience in sourcing and procurement of goods and raw materials and other commodities you may require for the smooth running of your business eliminating long period of down time. We also source machinery parts, vehicle parts and new industrial equipment and as well as all office stationery and equipment. Whatever that you need sourced, we will get it for you on time. We have a branch in South Africa/Germany and the US making it easy to source goods directly from Vendor to you in any location onshore or offshore in Angola without any external intervention. You can easily track your order from the day you place an order. Our Sister company 1IGS Logistics will assist you in eliminating all the many transportation chain which waste time and cost money. From the Vendor we plan and control the entire logistics chain and custom clear way before products arrive the port. Leveraging company-owned assets, 1IGS Logistics will provide single-source supply chain management solution tailored to fit the scope and spec of your projects and operations. Our logistics specialists will help your organization design, plan and manage the entire chain.

Who We Want

1IGS Group is a results driven organization. We are looking for highly talented and results driven individuals to join the Titanian work force

What Makes Us Different

We are the best at what we do. 1IGS Group LTD has 6 individual business Units, 1IGS Manpower, 1IGS Procurement, 1IGS Logistics, 1IGS Travel and 1IGS Cleaning

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