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Asia & Global Trading CO Limited is a ‘Singapore/Hong Kong Quality Class with Innovation Niche’ smart warehouse delivery and logistics services provider in Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong. We are a LogTech (Logistics Technology) company and aim to deliver Digital Logistics through innovative business processes, deep data analytics, ecommerce connectivity and people development. We have in place very comprehensive Process Workflows (reference to ISO 9002 standards) and dashboard system to track daily service performance so that high levels of customer services are maintained. Our smart solutions are customized to suit our customers’ changing needs and we have developed our unique IT solutions which include integrated systems.

Who We Want

We are currently looking for a work from home part-time home based personal assistance. Very flexible and stress free kind of work. And you work 3-4hrs daily and 3-4days weekly. No experience or special skills needed as you will be guided and be instructed on what to do. Kindly send a direct message for more info with the details below. Whats=Appi: +65 8199 0512 Telegrami: asiaglobal_trading E-mail: Salam Alaykum.

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