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About Us

Pizjob is an online flexible staffing platform which helps companies fill urgent shifts with quality workers who are ready to work. Pizjob’s on-demand platform is the ideal temporary staffing solution for managing staffing unpredictability and augmenting your existing workforce easily, quickly and inexpensively. The self-employed today constitute an unavoidable pool: they represent a wider spectrum of skills than any structured company and meet a need for flexibility and agility which is increasingly necessary for their development.

Who We Want

Supply Chain Staff, Hospitality Staff, Retail and Sales Staff, Customer Support and Call Center Staff

What Makes Us Different

Finding the right talent to complete a task is made easy with Pizjob. We have temporary shift workers who are ready to work. Just tell us how many you need and what you need them to do and when do you need them? We will get you quality flexible workers who are ready to get things done right away. Securing temp workers through Pizjob costs a fraction of the total costs involved with securing talent, training and managing workers and handling the administrative overhead through average temporary workplace platforms. Working with Pizjob can save your business money and help your organisation be more productive by utilizing quality workers who are reliable.

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