Avo & Co.

About Us

Avo & Co. was started about 3 years ago, with the aim of delivering amazing produce that our customers will love, and to help them rediscover a joy for food. We have grown real quick since then and we are looking to build and expand on our home grown, tight knit team! Here’s where we are headed towards: We are on the cusp of moving into a larger warehouse, and moving into retail as well.

Who We Want

Business Development / Operations Management Trainee / Retail Manager / Retail Staff / Fruits & Vegetable Packer

What Makes Us Different

Our team culture? We are open about sharing our views and perspective as well as future plans. We come together to review, discuss and brainstorm of new ways to improve the systems, processes and structure. We place a lot of emphasis on developing our own staff, creating roles for them and much prefer promoting internally. Here’s what we are promising to you for the future: Joining a team where you will be enjoying yourself Learning new skills (From digital to industry knowledge), being sent on courses As we work together and learn your strengths, we will create a progression plan and role for you Be hands on and involved in the building of a young and successful business Fair and quick (where possible) review of performance and reward accordingly And this is what we want you to commit to us: Be open to learning Be confident in yourself and your ability to take on new responsibilities (we will be around to guide you and you have room to learn and make mistakes of course!) Knuckle down for a fast paced environment

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