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Olympiad Champion Education Centre, a registered educational centre listed on Education Bureau of Hong Kong (EDB Reg No: 598 216) to provide Mathematical Olympiad classes in Hong Kong. To stimulate and foster young people’s interest in learning mathematics, to strengthen the ability of their creative thinking, to widen their international perspective, and to promote the development of kindergarten, primary and secondary education and exchange of educational cultures throughout countries.

Who We Want

Personal Secretary & Translator in Mathematics - To be responsible for parents' inbox requests - To prepare Heat & Final Round Question papers from EN to TH in Mathematics - To send Papers online to coordinators - To send medals & certificates to coordinators - To arrange an awarding ceremony annually for OCEC series of projects

What Makes Us Different

Welcome to join Olympiad Champion Education Group, OCEG, which is offering 4 International Mathematical Olympiad: Thailand International Mathematical Olympiad, Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Mathematical Olympiad, Hong Kong International Mathematical Olympiad and World International Mathematical Olympiad from Kindergarten Group to Senior Secondary Group students all over the world. In addition, OCEG provides Hong Kong International Science Olympiad and Hong Kong International Computational Olympiad for a completed STEM future development in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. OCEG provides a series of travel experience to candidates to visit Thailand, Hong Kong and Asian countries all over the world.

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