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About Us

Recruitment and coaching in the hotel and catering industry At a time when more and more companies are working with algorithms to select their future employees, we defend the idea that a human cannot perceive himself simply as a sum of skills judged at the moment T but as a being intelligent evolutionary whose capacity for development is associated with the living environment in which it will evolve. Our many years of experience in the field have shown us that most of the problems in companies are not inherent in an overall lack of skills, but in a lack of communication, recruitment errors, poor supervision, rigor and pedagogy to achieve the desired objectives. If you adhere to our working philosophy , then we can tell you in an interview how much we will do together for your company, your career and your future.

Who We Want

We are looking for catering professionals who are passionate and interested in renewing new challenges. We also offer our knowledge and experience in the Swiss hotel industry and French gastronomy to hotel and restaurant owners.

What Makes Us Different

When we place a candidate, we then accompany them throughout their career as long as they share our values.

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