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The company has established a leading presence in many of the main sectors for professional recruitment within South Africa and has positioned itself in certain other markets, which offer the opportunity for future growth. Within its current largest Sectors, Consequently, the Group Consult brand is among the most widely recognized brands in the professional placement industry. Our role as a recruitment consultancy is to act as intermediate, sourcing, identifying suitably qualified candidates on behalf of its employers. Candidates are recruited either for contract or permanent positions

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Success depends on the synergy around you. That is why making the right decisions on who you are surrounded with, counts. Group Consult believes in the power of people and supports you in retaining and finding the best employees to help you grow, perform to succeed.

What Makes Us Different

As your career partner, we are committed to working together with you as the employment section evolves. Our recruiting expertise will continue to guide and support you through your present predicaments, whilst also helping with your future term plans. As we adapt to the new era of jobs, our unique insights and advice will help you to plan your next steps.

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