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About Us

LEADING SOFTWARE ENGINEER STAFFING AGENCY TSC is a brand of JT1 - Leading tech recruitment agency in Vietnam. To meet the investor demand, TSC launch as an extra service to well serve Tech companies worldwide. We focus mainly on Software Engineer Staffing services for the markets of Hong Kong, Australia, and Singapore that are wishing to build a team of high-quality personnel in Vietnam. With an IT Outsourcing team with high professional skills and good English proficiency, TSC is always ready to assist in completing short/long-term projects. We also provide other services such as Payroll, Staffing.

Who We Want

Frontend Developer Backend Developer HTML Developer JavaScript Developer Python Developer PHP Developer Java Developer Ruby Developer Golang Developer iOS DeveloperDeveloper Android Developer React Native Developer .Net Developer NodeJS Developer Flutter Developer UX/UI Design

What Makes Us Different

TSC has a certain amount of experience working with both domestic and international clients + 4 years of experience in this industry + 100% satisfaction from over 150 customers