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ABC Recruiting is a Canada-based recruiting agency specializing in hiring the best IT talents for startups and technology companies in Canada, the USA, and other countries. ABC Recruiting offers a number of services depending on the client’s needs, locations, and availability of internal recruiting resources: •IT recruitment in Canada in the USA We assist our clients in hiring employees and contractors in CANADA and the USA. We are not limited by certain provinces or states. •Offshore IT recruitment (Europe, LATAM, India) You can hire remote dedicated contractors/teams of contractors with commercial experience for clients from Northern America and Western Europe. •Relocating IT staff to Canada and the USA We will assist in hiring and relocating the best talents worldwide to Canada and the USA. •Sourcing If you need only sourcing, we will be happy to provide this service at a more reasonable rate compared to the full cycle recruiting. •Out-staffing services If you need to boost your recruiting team with professional dedicated recruiters, ABC Recruiting is happy to assist. ✔ABC Recruiting will assist you in hiring: •Software developers •QA engineers •Hardware engineers •Infrastructure engineers •DevOps •IT consultants •IT Executives, project managers •Business analysts •Digital specialists •Designers. ????If you need professional assistance with staffing IT teams in Northern America, Europe and LATAM, to contact us at , +1 403 560 7617 (phone, whatsapp).

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Startups and technology companies in Canada, the USA, and other countries

What Makes Us Different

❓Why ABC Recruiting clients keep returning? •Clients receive the first candidates within 10 days after signing a service agreement •98% of submitted candidates go to technical interviews as we submit only vetted candidates •You receive 4-6 candidates for 1 job-offer •It takes us on average 3-5 weeks to fill a vacancy •12% of client vacancies are filled with only 1 candidate submitted!

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