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HospitalityHR is an international hospitality recruitment agency and your reliable partner for recruiting hospitality professionals in Canada. When the times of restricted borders in 2019-2021 came to an end, many tourism and people-oriented businesses faced problems in recruiting highly qualified hospitality professionals. That's when the idea of creating an international hospitality staffing agency came up.

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Today we provide such services: ☀ Hotel Recruitment ☀ Restaurant Recruitment ☀ Cruise Ship Hospitality Staffing ☀ Chef & Steward Placement ☀ Senior Living & Retirement Homes Recruitment ☀ Private Chefs & Catering Companies Recruitment

What Makes Us Different

Why staffing agency HospitalityHR? 〰️ We have more than 25,000 candidates in our database ready to relocate to your country 〰️ 37% of our clients' vacancies are filled with just 1 candidate, so you won't spend a lot of time on interviews 〰️ We fill 45% of our clients' vacancies in 1 week because we value your time and understand your needs.

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