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Build a Job-Winning Resume with a Modern Touch

Modern resumes are an ideal choice for forward-thinking candidates seeking employment opportunities in creative and innovative job sectors. Job Nexus provides modern resume templates that are attention-grabbing and deliver all the fundamental information about the applicants in a professional manner. Choose from a wide range of templates that exhibit a sense of calmness yet comprehend intuitive colors and text fonts. These resume templates help job seekers catch the eyes of the recruiters who are hiring for creative job roles.


Modern resume templates have a clean format and all the elements are easy to edit. You can harmonize the resume format with a fresh writing style and colors that complement the theme of the company. Now elegantly put all the pivotal information while showing your good eye for ingenious designs.


Why Should You Pick a Modern Resume Template?

A modern resume template is a great choice if you are applying for the companies that promote themselves to be modern, youthful, and innovative. Some of the job sectors where hiring managers incline towards modern resume templates are IT, media, marketing, designing, and fashion. Our modern resume templates allow you to emulate the style of the company and present a resume that seems well thought out. The colors and fonts are easy to edit and the fields are customizable to suit the individual needs and requirements.


Hiring managers are often inundated with numerous job applications and leaving a good first impression can come across as a daunting task for applicants. That said, Job Nexus’ modern templates can be a great help for the applicants to have an edge over the competitors and gain recruiters’ attention. The addition of the right colors, a bold design choice, and a presentable picture can make an impressive first impression. To summarize, here are some of the reasons you should opt for a modern resume template by Job Nexus:


  1. You want to apply as a creative and forward-thinking candidate for the job profile
  2. You want to highlight a good blend of modern style and professionalism on your resume 
  3. Your professional profile resonates with the bold layout and strong fonts on your resume
  4. You are applying for a company that appreciates innovation and prefers unique design choices


What makes Modern Resume Templates


What Makes a Modern Resume Template?

Job Nexus’ modern resume templates put emphasis on attention-grabbing colors and interactive design layouts. They have enough space to present all the decisive and critical information of the applicant depicted in notable formatting and design. The templates include all the job-relevant skills and important information highlighted in bold and a strong font so that nothing influential is missed by the recruiters. Our modern resume templates also include enough white space to keep the resume from looking untidy or cluttered.


1. Elements of a Modern Resume Template

Here’s what makes a Job Nexus’ modern resume template stand out:

  • It provides a defined space to include a photo of yourself
  • It gives high importance to headers and vital information by using a distinct font
  • It includes pleasing color options to make the resume stand out
  • It emphasizes all-important information and headers
  • The template looks clean and have ample white space to be easy on the eyes
  • The template highlights the personal information and contact details
  • The layout calls attention to skills and job-relevant keywords
  • The template looks unique and fresh without giving the impression of being unprofessional


2. A Perfect Blend of Style and Professionalism

Job Nexus helps you choose from a variety of modern resume templates that offer a good blend of modern style and professionalism. These templates help your resume stand out from the competition and pass the initial screening test. It ensures all the relevant and critical information is presented in a well-formatted manner. The added design elements make the resume look modish without looking unprofessional or flashy. With a pile of resumes stacked on the recruiters’ desk and the average 7 seconds resume screening time, it is imperative for the job seekers to do their best to gain attention. The design and interesting layout choices in our modern resume templates keep the hiring managers engaged enough to continue reading the whole resume. It gives an edge that helps recruiters remember the applicant’s name and application.


3. Right Choice of Fonts

A stylish layout is a great start; however, it is equally important that the resume passes the functionality and readability tests. Using the basic or traditional font choices such as Times New Roman or Arial might not resonate with the needs of the modern hiring managers. The font plays a major role in the readability and overall presentation of the resume; hence, it should be chosen wisely and must show relevance to the recruiters. Job Nexus provides resume templates that are easy to read yet highlight creativity. The font styles are elegant, sophisticated, yet modern. The selected font styles offer a superior typographic range and help you build a resume that provides an engaging reading experience, both online and offline.


4. The Order of Events

Our modern resume templates present past work experience and other events such as educational background in reverse chronological order. It helps the recruiters to go through the most recent work experience first and then move backward in time for other subsequent job positions and roles. It is a highly recommended and acceptable format that helps recruiters to gain knowledge about the relevancy of a job application. After the work experience, the templates subsequently highlight the educational qualifications.


5. An ATS-Friendly Template

Job Nexus’ customized modern resume templates include job-specific keywords to help the candidates pass the screening done through applicant tracking systems (ATS). To take some burden off the recruiters and hiring managers, applicant tracking systems are put in place by companies to screen the numerous applications in the first phase. These systems cherry-pick the resumes that include skills relevant to the job opening, contain keywords that match the job description, and are well-formatted. We provide modern resume templates that are customized per different job roles and can help applicants meet all these requirements and increase their chances of scheduling a job interview.


6. Length of the Resume

It is important to include all the essential information on your resume, however, it must be kept to the point. Modern resume templates offered by Job Nexus are designed to keep the length of the resume appropriate and as per your total work experience. The innovative design layouts allow you to mention all the crucial details without increasing the number of pages in your resume. Most of the modern resume templates are of two pages; an ideal length to highlight all the strengths and accomplishments without compromising on the readability. 


7. Social Media

Today’s recruiters believe in going through the work samples before scheduling an interview. Modern resume templates help applicants showcase their work samples by adding work-appropriate social media handles on their resumes. You can add the link to your LinkedIn profile to give more insights about your professional self and accomplishments. If you are into brand management or online reputation management, you can add your professional Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram profiles as well.


Easy to Customize Templates

A modern resume is quintessential for the applicants looking for a job in creative and forward-thinking organizations. That said, you should not invest all your time trying your hands on photoshop, word processors, or other design software to build a resume from scratch. A modern resume template can help you save time and allow easy customization to meet your requirements. You can choose from a wide range of modern resume templates provided by Job Nexus and easily edit different fields such as work experience, skills, pictures, educational background, among others. It is also important to send the resume in the sought or widely accepted file formats. You can download all the available modern resume templates as Google Docs or Microsoft Word files with a free sign-up.