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Build a Resume with Professional Aesthetics

A professional resume is ideal for job seekers looking for professional aesthetics. Job Nexus provides resume templates that are attractive and helps in giving a professional first impression. These free resume templates highlight your work experience and qualifications in a detailed and well-structured manner. You can choose from a wide range of professional resume templates that help you stand as a competent, experienced, and skilled candidate. These resume templates help job seekers catch the eyes of the recruiters hiring professionals such as lawyers, doctors, IT specialists, professors, engineers, nurses, and accountants. 


Job Nexus’ professional resume templates work the best for experienced candidates and give them an edge over competitors with its professional and aesthetically pleasing format. The templates include colors with darker tones, bold headings, an option to add images, and bulleted points to mention your strengths and accomplishments. The templates give a clean look to the resume with the help of ample white space and improve readability for an engaging reading experience. 


When Should You Pick a Professional Resume Template?

A professional resume is a fit for applicants with demonstrated work experience. It is a great choice if you are presenting it to the recruiters who are looking for skilled candidates and prefer resumes to be professional and easy on the eyes. Our professional resume templates are crafted to highlight your noteworthy skills with engaging layouts and are ATS-friendly to help you pass the initial screening process. 


Hiring managers are often inundated with various job applications and a resume that demonstrates technical compatibility to the job can help them make an easy decision. That said, Job Nexus’ professional resume templates help applicants with a format that celebrates professional accomplishments and career advancements without increasing the length of the resume. To summarize, here are some of the reasons you should opt for a professional resume template by Job Nexus:

  • You want to gain the attention of recruiters hiring for professionals with demonstrated work experience
  • You want to highlight your skills and accomplishments professionally and with aesthetically appealing design elements 
  • You want to give importance to your career growth, milestones, and technical skills
  • You are applying for a company that appreciates a professional tone and easy-to-scan resumes


what makes a professional resume template


What Makes a Professional Resume Template?

Job Nexus’ professional resume templates put emphasis on highlighting professional skills, strengths, work history, professional summary, and accomplishments with the help of a strategic section placement. These templates bring all the attention to the critical information laid out in a very structured manner and with legible font style and size.


Our professional resume templates can help you align your job application with the open job requirements. The templates have appealing design layouts and keep the resume from looking untidy or cluttered. Here are some of the elements that build a professional resume:


1. Elements of a Professional Resume Template

Here’s what makes a Job Nexus’ professional resume template stand out:

  • It is easy to read and uses action verbs to define work experience and accomplishments such as “developed social media strategies and contributed to 20% of marketing leads”

  • The template is easy to edit and can be customized without requiring advanced editing skills

  • The template is divided into large sections with bold headers to help recruiters quickly scan all the important information

  • It includes different fonts and colors with muted and darker tones such as navy, gray, and maroon

  • Bullet points to define skills and area of expertise enhance the readability and the reader engagement

  • The template replaces objective statement with a short professional summary to help recruiters quickly comprehend the relevancy of the job application 

  • The appealing design layout easily grabs recruiters’ attention towards pivotal information

  • It helps in building an ATS-friendly resume and includes job-relevant keywords

2. Format and Order

Job Nexus provides professional resume templates that highlight work experience and all the pivotal information in different formats; chronological, functional, and combination. Chronological resumes prioritize your work history by providing a comprehensive timeline of your work experience. It is a widely accepted format and puts primary focus on your career growth and advancement. You can also choose to prioritize your skills and area of expertise over work experience by selecting functional templates. It will help the recruiter to apprehend the relevancy of the job application by going through all the technical expertise and certifications. That said, if you want to give equal importance to skills and work experience, Job Nexus provides combination templates that leverage ingenious designs to mention both simultaneously in the resume. 


3. Content and Writing Style

Use a professional tone and match it with the provided job description. Research the recruiters and use the keywords that are relevant to the job profile. Follow the problem-action-result approach to highlight expertise, problem-solving skills, and relevancy of your previous work experience. Keep the tone professional and subtle and prefer using action verbs. Use statistics and highlight how you helped companies grow with your expertise. Include all the important information that is relevant in a precise manner such as professional summary, work experience, relevant skills, contact information, and academic qualifications. It is also important to provide all the technical details, certifications, and relevant coursework to stand out from the competition. You can choose from a wide range of professional resume templates that highlight all the essential information by keeping it precise and cutting down the irrelevant elements. 


4. Design and Formatting

Our professional resume templates include large segments and strategic section placement to give importance to your previous work experience and give an instant idea about the relevancy of your job application to the recruiters. It includes bullet points to highlight technical skills and areas of expertise. The legible font size enhances readability and builds an engaging experience for the hiring managers. You can also add colors but use the muted or darker tones such as gray, maroon, and navy blue to grab immediate attention and make the resume aesthetically appealing. Keep the font style consistent throughout the resume. Make sure all the headers are of the same font size and color to provide uniformity.


5. Length of the Resume

Our professional resume templates are designed to prioritize your work experience and skills. To add all the work experience, the sentences must be short and crisp. It will help you to make the most of the short time window a recruiter has to review your job application. The design layout of our professional resume templates helps you build a resume that is easy to skim. Hence two pages are ideal to help recruiters swiftly go through your professional experience and milestones.


6. An ATS-Friendly Template

Job Nexus’ professional resume templates are designed to help job seekers pass the screening done through applicant tracking systems (ATS). A lot of companies include ATS as a part of their active recruiting process to take some burden off the hiring managers and pick the most suitable candidates. These systems pick the resumes that are most relevant for a specific job role. To ensure you pass this initial screening process, you can choose from our customized resume templates that include job-specific keywords that match the recruiter’s requirements and are well-formatted without complex design layouts. We provide professional resume templates that help applicants increase their chances of scheduling a job interview.


7. Add-ons

Job Nexus’ professional resume templates help you add additional details to make your resume a cut above the rest. You can showcase your previous work by adding links to your professional profiles. You can also add professional social media links such as LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, or Behance to help recruiters have a visual experience of your work. Adding a professional picture on the top of your resume also helps the recruiters to connect with you as an individual.


When to Prefer a Professional Resume Template Over Modern or Traditional Template?

Professional resume templates are ideal for job seekers looking for a perfect combination of professionalism and aesthetics. These templates prioritize your work experience, skills, and area of expertise and put them all together in a well-formatted and organized layout. On the other hand, a modern resume template adds a modern touch to your resume and works the best for forward-thinking and innovative work environments. However, if you are applying in a conservative job sector, a traditional resume template might work the best for you.


Professional resume templates often include dark and muted color tones such as pale purple, gray, and maroon. On the other hand, modern resume templates include lighter and appealing colors such as beige, light green, and blue. 


Professional resume templates are helpful for experienced professionals applying as lawyers, doctors, IT specialists, professors, engineers, nurses, and accountants. Modern resume templates are ideal for freshers as well as experienced professionals applying as designers, marketing managers, journalists, public relations specialists, and media executives. On the other hand, traditional resume templates work the best for mid-career and entry-level professionals applying for more traditional or conservative job sectors such as banking, finance, healthcare, law firms, government, and engineering organizations.


Easy to Customize Templates

Job Nexus’ professional resume templates are highly recommended for applicants with previous work experience. The resume templates provide professional aesthetics that are appealing enough to engage the recruiters. You can choose from a variety of professional resume templates that are easy to customize. You do not require professional expertise to edit the templates and all the important details such as professional summary, work experience, technical skills, area of expertise, and contact information are already included. The templates are available in widely accepted file formats and can be edited or downloaded as Google Docs or Microsoft Word files. Choose from various professional resume templates easily with free signup.