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Build an Effective Resume by Keeping it Simple 

A traditional resume highlights your professional journey with minimal design elements. Job Nexus provides traditional resume templates that are a time-tested favorite of recruiters and highlight your work experience and qualifications in a very concise and well-structured manner. Choose from a wide range of traditional resume templates that lay out all the pivotal information without letting any distracting color or design element take over the resume. These resume templates help job seekers catch the eyes of the recruiters hiring for more traditional or conservative companies such as banking, finance, healthcare, law firms, government, and engineering organizations.


Job Nexus’ traditional resume templates are simple, clean, and have organized design layouts. They have bold headings and bulleted points to describe your strengths and accomplishments. Narrow margins allow enough white space that improves readability. Mid-career professionals and entry-level professionals can make the most of our well-suited traditional templates.


When Should You Pick a Traditional Resume Template?

A traditional resume is more conservative when compared to modern or professional resumes. It is a great choice if you are presenting it to the recruiters who are interested to go through a clean and basic resume that is without over-the-top design elements. You can invest some time in researching the recruiters; go through their job description and website to have a better understanding of their work environment and culture to see if a traditional resume can be a fit for you. Our easy to edit traditional resume templates are without complicated layouts and are ATS-friendly to help you pass the initial screening process.


Hiring managers are often overwhelmed with numerous job applications and an applicant coming across as a cultural fit for the company can be a great first impression. That said, Job Nexus’ traditional resume templates help applicants to have an edge over the competitors with a straightforward resume layout that mentions all the important information under simple headers and without adding any sort of bold visual diversions. To summarize, here are some of the reasons you should opt for a traditional resume template by Job Nexus:

  1. You want to grab the attention of recruiters who prefer a clean and basic resume layout
  2. You want to highlight your skills and accomplishments with fewer design elements on your resume
  3. Your professional profile resonates with the subtle layout and simple fonts on your resume
  4. You are applying for a company that appreciates easy-to-scan and classic professional resumes


what makes a traditional resume template


What Makes a Traditional Resume Template?

Offering simplistic styling and minimal designs, Job Nexus’ traditional resume templates put emphasis on highlighting professional skills, strengths, and accomplishments. These templates bring all the attention to the critical information laid out in a very structured and concise way.


A traditional resume template is not what it used to be earlier. There are some changes that help recruiters give preference to traditional resumes over the rest even in today’s hiring world. Traditional resumes no longer include the earlier must-have details, such as fax, mail address, or a home number. Our traditional resume templates also include enough white space to keep the resume from looking untidy or cluttered. Here are some of the characteristics and elements that together build a traditional resume:


1. Elements of a Traditional Resume Template

Here’s what makes a Job Nexus’ traditional resume template stand out:

  • It is easy to read and communicates work experience, academic qualifications, and accomplishments in a clear and concise manner
  • The template is customizable and the layouts are easy to edit without requiring advanced editing skills
  • Due to a classic tone and fewer design flourishes, the template is widely accepted and can be used to apply for different jobs at different organizations
  • The basic design with a clean layout makes the template printer-friendly and doesn’t call for any error in formatting
  • Columns and enough white space enhances the readability and engagement
  • The template replaces objective statement with a professional summary to help recruiters know about your skills and overall experience succinctly
  • The clean layout easily gains recruiters’ attention towards pivotal information and job-relevant keywords


2. Format and Order

Job Nexus provides traditional resume templates that highlight work experience and other important information in different formats; chronological, functional, and combination. Chronological resumes give an instant understanding of your recent work experience to the recruiter. It is a widely accepted format and puts primary focus on your work background. You can also choose to highlight your area of expertise or skills before mentioning your work experience by selecting functional templates. It will help the recruiter to understand the relevance of your application to the open position. That said, if you want to give equal importance to skills and work experience, we provide combination templates that leverage intuitive designs to mention both simultaneously in the resume. 


3. Content Requirement

Keep the writing professional and make it echo back the tone of the job description. Make it relatable to the recruiters. You must use the key phrases and keywords from the job description throughout the resume. It is important to gauge the requirements that are clearly highlighted in recruiters’ job postings. Remember to edit all the vital information such as contact details, work experience, academic qualifications, skills, and areas of expertise. In addition, Job Nexus’ traditional resume templates also provide you with options where you can mention additional information such as professional summary, certifications, achievements, references, portfolio links, social media, and interests. You can choose from a wide range of traditional resume templates that highlight all the required information by keeping it precise and cutting down the unnecessary details.


4. Design and Formatting

Our traditional resume templates help applicants build easy-to-read resumes that include bullet points to highlight all the skills and areas of expertise in an organized manner. The use of clean and classic fonts enhances readability and builds an engaging experience for the hiring managers. You can also add basic colors such as gray and dark blue when/if required to make the headers stand out and grab immediate attention. However, to keep it professional and relevant to the recruiters, avoid bright colors such as yellow, pink, and green, etc. The template uses the same font throughout the resume to provide consistency. All the headers have the same font size and color to provide a cohesive look.


5. Length of the Resume

Our traditional resume templates are designed to include all the important information concisely. The sentences must be short and crisp to ensure you make the most of the short time window a recruiter has to review your job application. The design layout of our traditional resume templates is simple and tends to mention what is required, hence a single page is enough to cover all the crucial information. This helps the recruiters to know all about your professional journey in just a few seconds.


6. An ATS-Friendly Template

Job Nexus’ customized traditional resume templates bring attention to job-specific keywords and help the applicants pass the screening done through applicant tracking systems (ATS). To help recruiters and hiring managers in the recruitment process, applicant tracking systems are put in place by companies to screen the numerous applications in the initial phase. These systems screen and pick the resumes that include skills and expertise relevant to the job opening, contain keywords that match the job description, and are well-formatted without complex design elements. We provide traditional resume templates that are customized per different job roles and can help applicants meet all these requirements and increase their chances of scheduling a job interview.


7. Do’s and Dont’s 


  • Include essential information only
  • Use simple and professional language
  • Use bullet points wherever required to highlight skills or achievements
  • Keep the sentences short
  • Maintain adequate white space to enhance readability
  • If required, use basic colors like gray and dark blue
  • Use simple and commonly known fonts


  • Use of jazzy words or phrases
  • Mention skills or achievements in long sentences/paragraphs
  • Inclusion of details such as mail address
  • Use of unnecessary images
  • Use of distracting fonts and text styles
  • Use of bright and vibrant colors like yellow, pink, and orange


Easy to Customize Templates

Job Nexus’ traditional free resume templates are highly recommended for the applicants looking for a job in a conventional work environment and job sectors such as banking, finance, and engineering. All the templates are easy to use and customized to suit individual needs. You do not need to spend hours editing the resume or require any advanced expertise to make the necessary changes. All the fields included in the templates are easy to edit such as work experience, skills, professional background, area of expertise, contact information, among others. The templates are available in widely accepted file formats and can be edited or downloaded as Google Docs or Microsoft Word files. Choose from various traditional resume templates easily with a free signup.