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Sylvie Rock

Sylvie Rock

Sylvie Rock, a Traditional Resume Template


Sylvie Rock is a traditional resume template that is designed to help professionals who want to highlight their skills and professional journey precisely with minimal design elements. This is an ideal template for professionals who want to lay out all the crucial information without any distracting colors or design elements. All the information in this template is presented concisely to help you build a one-page resume that is easy to skim and keeps the reader engaged. 


Design Format


Sylvie Rock puts primary emphasis on your professional summary to help you mention all the accomplishments briefly. The work experience section is in reverse chronological order to give the reader an instant overview of your most recent job profile and the nature of work. To keep the resume short and make the most out of the short window a recruiter has to go through your resume, you must keep all the sentences short and crisp. Mention the most important accomplishments and learnings under different job roles and positions.


1. Strategic Sidebar

The template includes a strategic sidebar that puts focus on your name and initials along with your current or latest job position. It also highlights your contact information along with an option to showcase your work samples by adding a link to your professional portfolio or websites such as LinkedIn and Behance. It is a great way to give a glimpse of your work and area of expertise before scheduling an interview with the recruiter. The sidebar also includes the space towards the bottom to mention your educational background in a brief manner. The sidebar helps maintain the short length of the resume and makes it look very well-organized and structured.


2. Work Experience

The template gives great importance to your work experience. It allows you to highlight your previous job roles, positions, and work responsibilities in a very concise manner. The template follows reverse chronological order to highlight the latest at first. You must ensure you also highlight your biggest accomplishments instead of just talking about your comprehensive work duties and responsibilities under a specific role. 


3. Skills and Expertise

Sylvie Rock resume template allows you to add your professional skills and areas of expertise at the bottom of the resume and as single liners to make them easy to read. You can use pointers to quickly add different skills along with your proficiency level. For instance, if you are applying in the technology sector, you may want to include your technical skills and certifications to get an edge over your competitors. Adding the right skills can easily catch the eye of the reader.


Sylvie Rock Template Details

File Format – Google Doc and MS Word Doc

Design Inclusions – one-pager, sidebar, bold headers


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