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Jimmy Hoo

Jimmy Hoo

Jimmy Hoo, a Traditional Resume Template


Bold and Italicized headers, bulleted points, clean and structured design layout, equal importance to work experience and area of expertise, if this sounds appealing to you, then you must try our traditional resume template, Jimmy Hoo. Jimmy Hoo is designed to help professionals who want traditional and simple aesthetics yet want to lay out all the important information in a striking layout.


Design Format

Jimmy Hoo resume template includes a simple and uncluttered design format yet includes modish font style, Playfair Display, to help all the important information shine through. It puts primary emphasis on your professional journey followed by your work history. Unlike other traditional resume templates, this is a two-pager template and is ideal for professionals who have gained substantial work experience over the years. 


1. Layout

The template is divided into two sections to fit all the important information without increasing the length of the resume. This two-pager template includes a career profile section at the top where you can add a brief summary of your previous job roles, industries you have worked in, total work experience, and noteworthy recognition among others. The left side of the resume includes a section for you to mention your area of expertise followed by your social media profiles and professional website. Adding your professional work profile or website is a great way to give a visual understanding of your work and skills to your potential employer. The left side also allows you to mention your proficiency level in different areas of expertise and your educational background in reverse chronological order. 


2. Professional Experience

The template helps you to add a brief description of your previous job roles and responsibilities in a well-organized manner. The bold and italicized headers explicitly highlight your tenure and job roles in different companies. You can also mention your selected achievements for every role in bullet points. The whole professional experience section looks clean and can easily grab recruiters’ immediate attention. 


3. Add-Ons

Jimmy Hoo resume template helps you add additional information such as professional development and references. The left bottom side of the template allows you to mention the name, designation, and contact information of your references that are already working with your potential employers. A good reference can help you increase your chances of getting  the open job position. The right bottom side of the resume includes a section for you to mention your professional milestones. You can talk about some of your biggest professional accomplishments. It can be a promotion or a recognition that helped you grow professionally.


Jimmy Hoo Template Details

File Format – Google Doc and MS Word Doc

Design Inclusions – Bold and italicized headers, skills section for every work experience, section to add references


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