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Michael Hash

Michael Hash

Michael Hash, a Modern Resume Template

Michael Hash is a modern resume template that is designed to make a good first impression without using a lot of distracting design elements. Some design elements and layouts can be hard to comprehend and sometimes they can be off-putting for some recruiters. That said, we have designed Michael Hash by keeping this thought in mind. The template uses a clean design format that helps in highlighting all the important information in a well-organized and uncluttered layout. The bold headers and neutral color shade instantly grab the attention of the reader.


Design Format and Layout

The template puts primary focus on your professional summary followed by your work experience laid out in reverse chronological order. The order helps you talk about your most recent job role, work duties, and responsibilities to help the recruiters instantly gauge the relevance of your application to the open job position. You can give details about your previous work in each company by using simple bullet points. Recruiters being inundated with numerous job applications stacked on their desks can not read the whole resume for every candidate. On average, recruiters only take around seven seconds to go through a resume. That said, the use of simple bulleted points as used in this template can help in improving readability and will increase your chances of passing the 7-second resume skim test.


The template also allows you to highlight your skills, educational background, proficiency in different languages, and technical expertise by using a grid layout. The grid layout helps you mention all the quintessential information without increasing the overall length of the resume. It also engages the reader and helps them go through all the sections easily and quickly.


Attention-Grabbing Headers

The top header clearly depicts your current job role along with your name and contact details. All the headers used in the template are bold and italicized to immediately grab the reader’s attention. The neutral shade included on the borders makes the template appealing and attractive for the recruiters without making it look unprofessional.


Social Media and Websites

Today employers want to see the work done by the candidates before scheduling a personal interview, especially in creative job sectors such as writing, graphic designing, and social media marketing, among others. That said, this template helps you highlight your work by adding links to your social media profiles and websites. This modern template is a great choice for professionals finding a job in forward-thinking companies and want their resumes to have a perfect blend of professionalism and style.


Michael Hash Template Details

File Format – Google Doc and MS Word Doc

Design Inclusions – Bold and italicized headers, single-colored borders, Grid layout


Jobs Nexus helps you to choose from a wide range of modern, traditional, and professional free resume templates. Each template is designed to help professionals meet every recruiter’s unique requirements and grab their immediate attention. All the templates can be easily edited and are available to be downloaded as Google Docs or Microsoft Word files.